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Collectively ProQuip Controls and Service Inc. offers over 20 years of sales, field and service experience with chemical pumps and systems, transfer systems, water pumps and equipment related to fluid control and movement.  

  • Chemical Metering Pumps
  • Feed Verification and Confirmation
  • High Pressure Chemical Pumps
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Mixing Pumps
  • Hose Pumps
  • AOD Pumps

Pre-Assembled Systems

All components have been selected, the parts have arrived and they just need to come together.  One solution is to bring them to site to assemble, complete the electrical, test and commission in conditions you may not be able to completely control.    The easy alternative would be to pre-assemble the components in a controlled environment and receive one ready to go system on site.   Ask ProQuip Controls and Service about our standard  arrangements or let us assist in developing a std. package to your specifications.

  • Chemical Feed and Containment Systems
  • pH Neutralization Systems

Total Solutions

Any project can offer provide  new challenges and opportunities to learn something new and meet other professionals in our field.    It is not reasonable or efficient to maintain all disciplines in house for a project that may require on or more.   This is why ProQuip Controls and Service Inc. can bring together the professionals needed to complete a project.   We know our expertise and it is not uncommon to bridge a scope when the experts are needed for the complete "Turn-Key" solution from concept to hand over. 


Most process controls will require instrumentation of some kind.   Whether you prefer a manual or fully automatic solution, instrumentation can be made simple when it works.   ProQuip Controls and Service Inc. specializes in applications where some kind of chemical,  hazardous area or environment must be considered when selecting the devices and we understand the needs.

  • Flow, Level, Pressure, TSS, Turbidity
  • Wireless Systems
  • BACnet, Modbus, PROFIBUS Communication Gateways
  • pH, ORP, Chlorine, ask for more information

Custom Systems and Automation

Once a bill of materials and budget are complete,  ProQuip Controls and Service Inc. offers complete services providing all the same benefits of a pre-assembled standard system with a custom touch.  Finish all the assembly, inspections and testing before arriving to site.  Arrive with confidence that high quality and all the special attention will pay off when the installation and commissioning go smoothly.

  • Chemical Feed Automation
  • Waste Water Treatment Systems
  • Potable Water Systems
  • Indoor or Outdoor Services; Tote Heaters

ROI Solutions

ROI or Returns on Investment can often be the driving force behind a project being approved or not.   Experience has taught us that many systems are malfunctioning and not working all together without any one being aware.  These systems many times work independently of a primary process and be easily neglected.  In addition to our preventative maintenance services, ProQuip Controls and Service Inc. can propose measures to monitor, communicate and adjust to real time conditions leading to water and chemical savings, less downtime and the data to back it up.

Polymer Make-Down

Polymer make-down systems can easily become prone to problems and continuous maintenance, not to mention an eye-sore and the mess.   Anyone working with polymer knows complicated systems with many moving parts that are hard to maintain and control would be easily forgotten with simple and innovative designs.  Whether you require a simple or sophisticated solution, ProQuip Controls and Service Inc. can take our combined knowledge and experience to design and build a reliable liquid or dry polymer make down system that suits your application needs.   Arrangements for batching and in-line systems available.

Filtration & Piping Accessories

Filtration and Piping Accessories are often under appreciated or misused.  These can often be a critical component toward successfully controlling a process.   ProQuip Controls and Service Inc. can assist you in prioritizing the minimum requirements and design to last.   Could be an accessory  for a pump system, filtration for a plumbing assembly or complete POE (Point of Entry) filtration system.

  • Separators, Particulate and GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) Filtration
  • UF; Ultra-Filtration
  • RO; Reverse Osmosis 

3D Solidworks CAD

ProQuip Controls and Service Inc. provides your organization with comprehensive, detailed proposals that will clearly identify the scope, purpose and functional description, list of manufacturers and model numbers  at a competitive price.   3D Solidworks is our design software of choice and approval drawings are inclusive or quoted separately on all projects.  Between design, build, supply and installation and commissioning services, let ProQuip Controls and Service Inc. apply our expertise on your next project.

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